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Designing an Ideal Living Space

Monday, April 1st, 2019

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Say you have bought your home and moved in but you still have one task to clear out and that is to design an ideal living space.

It is obvious that your living space should accentuate and accommodate your personality, your interests, your stage of life, and every other aspect of “you” but most importantly it should be a place where you LOVE to spend time.

Before starting to imagine how your living space should look, you should consider the stage of life you are in. Here is a mull over list;

    Single and a homebody?
    Single and frequently entertaining?
    A couple with many eclectic interests?
    A career couple who are seldom home?
    A family with young children?
    A family with teenagers who like to entertain their friends?
    A group of adults living as roommates?
    A grandparent who frequently cares for the grandkids?
    An older couple with no children or grandchildren at home?

You’ll enjoy it more if your living space reflects your current lifestyle and serves your present needs.

Now that you have established your stage of life, you can move on to other pointers like;

The floor space you have

This is very essential since it directly syncs up with the stage of life you are in. Consider this;

Do you have an infant? Have some open space for them to play on a mat or a blanket, for developmental reasons.

Do you have teenagers? Placing some floor pillows for watching TV, reading or playing games

Do you have your workouts or yoga in the living room? May be the ideal place to roll out your mat and start stretching!

Are you are older or having mobility challenges? Make sure there is enough clearance space between your furniture to easily use a cane, a walker, or a wheelchair.

On the other hand, if you entertain a lot, it may be more important to fill your space with extra seating. (Unless you prefer standing parties!)

Type of Furniture

Furniture and layout decisions will depend on your personality and interests, as well as those of the people living with you. One living space can have several “interest” areas serving multiple purposes, including solo pursuits (love to read on the couch) and group activities like office friends, football fans or gamers

It is relatively easy to plan and implement changes to your living space if you are alone but if  you share your space with others, think of letting each person define their preferences and priorities in a list for comparison.

You may need to make a few compromises, but with a little brainstorming and creativity, your living room layout and decorating decisions can be custom-designed to suit you and the lives of everyone in your home!


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